Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I started this blog as a way to document the daily doings in and around my grooming shop.  I just opened full time two months ago after grooming part time for quite a while.  So call it stress relief if you will... lol!

I usually only groom 4-6 dogs per day by choice.  I like to be done work by 4 and I don't have a bather/helper nor do I kennel dry dogs so this is a realistic amount for me.

TODAY I chose to only groom one dog so I could take my kids out to lunch/library as it was the last day of school.  That one dog... was a GIANT golden.  GIANT.  Like 120 pounds giant.  How does a golden even GET that size???  She was head to toe felted on the top side and head to toe MATTED underneath.  In a bid to save as much coat as possible I gave her a good scrub with K9 Kelp shampoo and then conditioned the heck out of her coat.  After using the HV dryer to blow out all her undercoat she didn't look TOO bad.  I combed with a medium comb while drying.  You should have seen my groom room after.

After she was 90% dry I shaved her belly from prosternum to bum, leaving a side fringe.  Her hind end was just softball sized matts the consistancy of rocks :(  I shaved her read end and blended in the sides of her legs with a 5 blade.  I had to lion her tail as it was far too gone.

The owner LOVED her.  Knew she should have got her in far sooner and gave me a $15 tip on an $85 groom which was nice.

But wow... what a lot of freaking work!!!!!